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Onsite Storage Containers

Mobile Storage containers have become a very popular means of storing your contents. Containers are now available in all major metropolitan areas throughout the nation. Shipping containers as storage units have changed the storage industry, most people prefer the convenience of mobile storage vs standard mini storage. Container Alliance has formed a network of small businesses that are familiar with your needs. This guide is designed to help you become informed about container uses, common questions, and problems. Container Renters Guide - Read more

Onsite Storage Rentals

Armellini On-Site Storage (AOS) was created for the Parent company Armellini Express lines to give all it's customers the ability to purchase or rent shipping containers, trailers, refrigerated trailers.... Onsite Storage Rentals - Read more

Shipping Containers for Sale

You can review the website for more information or you can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via email. You can also use a quick contact form below or visit our office personally.... Onsite Storage Rentals - Read more

Concern over Leaks in the Temporary Storage of Aberdeen Parks Recreation

While giving a speech at Monday's City Council meeting, Mayor Patrick McGrady was highly concerned by an incident that happened in Feb 2015, where a system failure caused the piping to erupt in the Aberdeen High School in route 40 that prompted most of the offices in the building that were operated by county agencies to relocate. Temporary Storage Rentals - Read more

Outside Storage Containers

Most small businesses, contractors and residential users with space concern choose 20ft portable storage containers. 20ft containers take up less space and do not require as much room for delivery as the 40ft portable storage containers. Read more

Trailer Rental

According to the American Institute of Architects' Consensus Construction Forecast Panel expects the overall construction spending to grow about 6 percent in 2016 and stay in that range for 2017. With the 6% growth, the value of construction is predicted to reach an estimate of $712 billion. Commercial and institutional sectors are leading the growth trend in 2016. Both single-family residential and the institutional building sectors have the greatest potential for further expansion in 2017. Read more

Self-storage Acquisition Round-up

Merit Hill Capital, a mini storage trust company, recently purchased an on site storage premise in Middletown, New York. The capacity was acquired from a private shareholder, Susan Petrone at a fee of $5.1 million. Galleria Storage, a nearly 50,000 -square-foot property which is situated on Ballard Road is made up of over 300 units. The listing agents in this acquisition were Luke Elliott and Michael Mele, from Millichap, Tampa, Florida. A $300 million site storage hedge fund was initiated by Merit Hill Capital, that also has offices in Brooklyn, New York, and Dallas, Texas. Read more

services overview

Armellini Express Lines, Inc.

The largest floral carrier in the US specializing in temperature controlled shipment of floral product.

Armellini On-Site Storage

Armellini On-Site Storage is the Treasure Coast leader in storage shipping containers and storage trailers.

Armellini Flower Service

The largest Customs House Broker of Floral Product in the US.

Armellini AirExpress

A reliable domestic air freight reservation services in and around the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale areas.

Fresco Service, Inc.

One of the largest, and most efficient bonded refrigerated warehouses in the Miami International Airport area.

NorthStar Transportation, Inc.

A truck brokerage company that satisfies a variety of transportation needs.

featured AOS services

Tradesmen Secure Storage

If you work in a trade business you will understandably have sizeable amounts of equipment, machinery and materials that need to be looked after and kept safe overnight or when not in use. Whether you’re a non-local subcontractor, a sole trader or even an established trade company; we have the self storage solution to your trade storage problem.

Home Remodelling

AOS has the right storage solution for you whether you have a large or small renovation project. We have containers for you to store your belongings while you complete your home improvement project. You have the convenience of having all your belongings accessible because you can keep the container on site.

Construction Sites

Site efficiency and safety compliance increases when there is a secure storage container. Whether permanent or temporary storage, our AOS container will keep your tools and equipment safe from thieves and the weather. Portable storage solutions organize the workplace and ensure easy access to important equipment.

Refrigerated & Dry Trailers

Refrigerated & Dry Trailers are available for rent through AOS. Maybe you have seasonal demand or unexpected business peaks and need extra storage without expanding your fleet. A short-term trailer rental may be the perfect solution. Lease just what you need as long as you need, without a long-term commitment.

Marina Growth & Storage

We are focused on providing our customers with the most secure and convenient portable storage containers. Our containers and units are made with strong steel construction, quality appearance, and we deliver them directly to you. Our self storage containers, shipping containers, and mobile offices are available for lease or purchase and our prices are always competitive.

Warehouse Storage

Whether you need business storage to accommodate excess inventory, equipment, files, or simply require more available square footage, AOS has flexible and affordable storage solutions.