Armellini On-Site Storage is the Treasure Coast leader in storage shipping containers and storage trailers.

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Armellini has developed a separate division to lease refrigerated trailers shipping containers and dry trailers for on-site storage.

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Containers to retail stores for excess of inventory, commercial sites for new buildings, construction sites and to residential areas for people who renovate but don't have the room.

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Armellini On-Site Storage (AOS) containers are water tight and will provide a safe, secure solution to your storage needs. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Onsite Storage Containers and Outside Storage Containers

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As a leader in the floral transportation industry, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of service and technological advancements. Feel free to explore our site to find services that distinguish Armellini from all others in the industry.


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Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class container storage solutions and fostering a disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.


We have established a strong presence in the container storage industry. Our outstanding services earn a reputation for quality and excellence.

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Safety for our employees and customers will always remain our primary focus in all the policies and procedures in our business.

Armellini On-Site Storage is the Treasure Coast leader in storage shipping containers and storage trailers. We are a 70 year-old, family owned trucking business now supplying steel storage containers and trailers to businesses, construction sites, churches, and homes for outside storage. Store outside at your location with Weekly, Monthly or Annual leases. We provide Prompt pick-up and delivery at highly Competitive rates.

Armellini On-Site Storage is a family owned business started in June 2005. We cater to our customers needs with Service Beyond Expectation. Armellini On-Site Storage was created for the Parent company Armellini Express lines to give all it's customers the ability to purchase or rent shipping containers, trailers, refrigerated trailers and storage containers for all their growing business or personal needs.

History of AOS

Storage Trailer Rental, Container Rental
Our Customers' Need...

The new business started off with current customers needing trailers for longer periods of time than just to load or unload their merchandise. Our customers needed the flexibility of having a trailer or shipping container in close proximity to their warehouses or other location.

Many needed to have product readily available and to have additional storage for their growing inventory in order to avoid delays in distribution. In the past, many of our customers needed to keep trailers at their facilities for days and sometimes weeks after we delivered to them. While Armellini was willing to place these trailers with them for short periods of time, it began to interfere with the delivery of Flowers from South Florida north to the contiguous 46 states.

Storage Trailer Rental, Container Rental
Inspired a new division

Listening to our customers' needs, Armellini developed a separate division to lease refrigerated trailers, shipping containers and trailers for on-site storage. In June 2005, Armellini On-site Storage was created to meet the demand of the storage industry in South Florida, which is one of the fastest growing areas in the USA.

Armellini On-Site storage can deliver a container wherever and whenever it is needed. We are committed to delivering our containers and our goal is to cater to our customers needs with Service Beyond Expectation.

Storage Trailer Rental, Container Rental
for Affordable Additional Space

AOS has delivered containers to retail stores for excess of inventory, churches for renovations, commercial sites for new buildings, construction sites and to residential areas for people during renovation for extra space. We have provided services to many companies and individuals who need extra room to hold their belongings or inventory but want to avoid the expense of building new warehouse facilities. Ground level storage containers are ideal for many reasons. Not only are they secure, wind, and water tight, but they are also ground level for ease of access. They can be conveniently located where you need them. It is like having a building delivered to your house in one day, for a reasonable price.

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